Miss Smarty Pet winning an AQHA class. Not for sale. Just bragging!

Anna Drifter Holder. REDUCED TO $3000. Gorgeous, thick mare that throws outstanding confirmation and intelligence.

Her Pedigree includes:

TRIPLE DRIFTER KN. "Woody" was raised on the Nichols Farm and is out of proven performance horses. Straight from the Nichols family who helped write the Driftwood legend, Drifter and his pedigree stand out from all other Driftwood studs available today. His pedigree reads like a stroll through LEGEND’S by Western Horseman Volumes 1-6. He is packed with top performers and producers throughout his pedigree. Drifter is stamping his offspring with his unbeatable disposition, smooth and quick starts, speed and cow. They are now proving themselves in the performance arena.

Drifter has 3 crosses to Driftwood. He is Speedy II top and bottom. (Speedy II was sired by Driftwood and out of a Lucky Blanton daughter.) Speedy II was a top performance horse and a Nichols’ favorite siring son of Driftwood. The third cross of Driftwood comes through Road Runner P who is a full sister to Dale Smith’s great calf horse Poker Chip Peake and Henny Penny Peake who was ASHA Stock Horse Champion and PCHJSHA Stock Horse Champion. Henny Penny also stared in the Walt Disney movie “The Bay Lady.”

Drifter has a solid pedigree of using horses and producing horses on the track, the AQHA show pen, and the rodeo arena. The bottom side is full of performers such as World Champion Race horse Clabber and World Champion 3-year-old Race Horse Clabber Juan. Several other AAA sires and dams and ROM fill up the bottom side. The topside is Generals King. He produced multiple performance horses and was a full brother to an AQHA Champion. Generals King kept up the tradition started by his ancestors King and Wimpy. Numerous AQHA champions and Performance ROM are found in this topside. One of Bill Cody’s top daughters is part of this outstanding pedigree. Codalena is a leading dam of AQHA champions.