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Irish Jack Russell 

(Shorty or Puddens) puppies 

for sale!

Superior varmint dogs and wonderful friendly, CALM, family pets. My cats follow the Russells for mice! Irish Jack Russell

Terriers aka Shortys or Puddens are the 10 inch or shorter version of their English Parsons cousins. They are super calm and quiet. Puddens make excellent working or companion dogs. They have short legs, and athletic builds. Shorty's are not like the hyper active Parsons Jack Russells. This variety of terrier is super laid back, very easy to train, and quiet! All parents are tremendous varminters, and like to herd cattle.

Meeka (UKCI registered) has 4 males available. The price on these pups are $700. The sire is Cox's Vladimir Barnett. He is registered with AKC, CKC and UKCI. Pups will be wormed at 2, 4, 6, and 8 weeks of age. They will have their first shots before being placed.

The picture below shows Patches and Meeka (the darker, smaller registered cutie from Strawberry Springs Jack Russells) cooling off in the hot Texas sun.

The first of Meeka's four males. This stunning male is from Meeka and Vladimir's litter. He's available! Gorgeous male with shoulder patch and spot by the tail.

The second of Meeka's four available males. This dark, handsome gentleman is uber tiny! Meeka only stands 8 inches at the shoulder, and Vladimir is only 9 inches. This guy will be small!

Look at the colors on this boy! Black eye patches and color everywhere!

Spoken for! Look at the amazing coloration on this handsome boy! Patches down the sides of his body, and a beautiful mask. The dark patches on his eyes are mesmerizing!!!

Or call me at 830-644-8292 or email me at to get on the waiting list. Deposits are required to hold your puppy until 8 weeks old. These pups will be $700.

All puppies are sold with tails docked and dew claws removed. Plus, first round of shots given at eight weeks, and puppies will be dewormed at 2, 4, 6 and 8 weeks of age.

Snake report: We're at 94 snakes and counting! These little terrors have killed eight rattlesnakes, one water moccasin, two coral snakes, and numerous rat snakes. Some as large as six feet long! I've posted a video on FB (Helen Cox) showing them "dispatching" a 6 footer! Ten foot tall and bullet proof! (actually ten inches or shorter)

Meet the Pack!


Son of Jack and Jilli. Super cool dude that's stout and sweet. Don't let the laid back grin fool you...the healing scars above his right eye are from a raccoon eradication from my chicken coop three weeks ago. My chickens sent him a thank-you note.

Seamus standing beside a ten week old male puppy (not related). Notice how short Seamus is! The stout little puppy has been sold.

Rock Star!

Seamus O'Malley


Super small but super tough! At only 8 inches tall, she's my fiercest snake dog with over 23 kills! Weighing only 9 lbs, she loves to ride horses, chase cattle, and go on 18 mile trail rides with me. Registered with UKCI.

Jack the Original Dad (RIP). Jack passed June 2017 this year. His legacy will live on thru Seamus and Bulger.

The coolest dog on Earth. Super quiet, laid back and friendly. Loves children and catches no less than five mice a week in the barn. Works all day long in the heat (when he's not laying under the horse trailer). Brave on cattle. Thinks he's ten feet tall. Best traveling companion in the truck, but, does know how to work electric truck windows!!! Orders for himself when going through the drive-thru at McDonald's! Jack stands at 9" and weighs 18 lbs.

Jilli (RIP)

Jilli is an excellent mouser. Ranch raised, she works all day long, and then is the couch potato at your side for the rest of the evening. Friendly with EVERYONE!

Jack and Jilli after work

Someone has to do the dirty work!

Jack receiving a kiss from a feral hog.

Jami mother of Zoey. May she rest in peace. I miss her and think of her daily.

Beautiful female that is so loving and loyal. Loves people but a fierce hunter. Has 42 snakes under her belt. Eight RATTLESNAKES and one COTTON MOUTH! Way too many possums and armadillos to count. Easy to recall but loves her job. Does respectable work at herding cattle. Also rides horses.

Zoey. May she rest in peace. I lost her to a rattle snake June, 2018. She was protecting me. My heart will never mend.

Zoey is my riding buddy. I kept her from a litter between Zeke and Jami. She can easily go eight miles on the ground. Once she gets tired or hot, I toss her behind the saddle. She rides like a champ. Loves water. Has killed 35 snakes. Extremely social. I take her everywhere off leash, and she's right by my side.

My princess Zoey. RIP.

Zoey is an accomplished horse rider. Behind the swells or on the horses rump. I've got videos of the kids loping with her. I don't know who smiles more...the kids, or Zoey!

Kinda hard to see Bulger amongst his toys

Bulger is riding high

What? Bulger awaiting the "round up the cattle" command

Baby Bulger putting up with Christmas togs

Sweet Gemma. Due in October, 2017.


Gemma and a newborn foal

Fiona. Daughter of the late Zoey and Jack Eugene.

Fiona. Daughter of Zoey and Jack Eugene. His last daughter. Both ears are down. She was just catching some wind that day.

Patches. 9 inches tall. Fierce, Fearless, and Funny! Sweetest disposition in the world. Comical to the max!

Sleep time for Patches

Patches breaking ice in the winter

Goofy Patches riding in the truck (always rides like this)

Patches and Seamus

Patches and her first set of pups (Seamus is the father)

Bulger, Gemma and Batty

Mooshy. Registered with AKC. Eight inches tall and cute as a button!

Bulger in the feed bowl and Mooshy waiting for the actual feed

Examples of past litters

Lots of color on Razor


The perfect "short" gentleman

Nap time for Razor

Trey...Congratulations Justin!

Pretty dark mask, three large spots on body, and butt patch.

Inquisitive and cute!

Trey's 3 spot namesake

Beautiful markings and balance. Check out the SHORT legs! At six weeks...he's helping me in the arena...problem is...the cows can see something that short!

Jack Eugene and Okie. Like father, like son

Gorgeous, unusually marked Seamus and Patches puppy


Nick (Blue) male. Ava is the tri-colored female. Ava is hunting in west Texas now, and has been replaced with Juney, a registered Red Lacy female.

Big, thick, athletic body on Nicky. A quiet, gentle soul, until a hog crosses his path.

Typical Nicky puppy. STOUT!


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