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Training, Lessons and Sortings

Helen Cox is now offering training, lessons, boarding and Sortings! We are located near Fredericksburg, 50 minutes north of San Antonio and 50 minutes west of Austin. We are located on a quiet country road with gorgeous views and abundant wildlife. We have a confidence course to help your horse overcome obstacles and help you be successful in trail riding competitions. Come sort with us every other Saturday and Sunday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. $25 for unlimited runs. No experience necessary. Coaching available all the time. Laughter is a must, so bring your best smile. During the summer we host extensive kid's camps. Ninety percent of the time the kids will be in the saddle! Western riding lessons are $40 per hour. Cattle lessons are $50 per hour.

Full service boarding with alfalfa or coastal and grain twice daily. $450 for a stall with runs, $400 for pasture or paddock. We offer multiple horse discounts. We blanket in winter, if you'd like, at no additional charge.

Our facilities include a 220' x 140' outdoor arena, a 70' lighted round pen, and a 100' x 100' indoor arena which always draws a breeze and allows you to ride all afternoon long in the Texas heat! We also have a heated wash rack and stocks.

Full-time trainer is on the premises with years of experience. Not only can we start your colt the right way, but we insist that YOU ARE part of the learning process. Feel free to come watch your horse anytime and see the progress! While your horse is in training, I PROVIDE FREE LESSONS! Watch me on your horse, while you ride a tried and true lesson horse. 

We strive to create a relationship of trust and respect with the horse, and teach you to gain, maintain, and foster that trust. Have a problem horse that bolts, spooks, jigs, is barn or buddy sour? We can cure it - and teach you how to reinforce the behavior that you want.

Tune-ups are $750 per month. Colt starting is $850 per month. Cattle work (Working Cow Horse, Sorting, Cutting etc.) is $800 month.

Wanting to learn to ride (whether you're six or sixty)? We've got lesson horses that help give YOU the confidence to ride! Instruction is tailored to each individual's riding skill - whether it's on your horse, or one of ours. These are not just the "heel down - sit up straight" lessons...these lessons teach the basics - and beyond. We offer trail riding, confidence courses, navigating water, ravines, and despooking for the trail. For you speed eventers, there's barrel racing and pole bending.Basic lessons are $40 per session (sessions generally run about 1.5 hours...we never rush you!). Cattle lessons are $50 per hour.

Need advanced lessons? Whether it's cutting, working cow horse, SHOT competitions or ranch versatility, we can help. We always have fresh cattle, and can work inside the covered arena for those hot or rainy days.

Lessons using cattle are $50 per session.

Full farrier service is available.

What you can expect from 30 days training of a previously unridden horse:

The horse can be ridden at a walk, trot and canter on command in the round pen. In the initial 30 days the horse will understand backing up, turning and stopping cues, as well as beginning to give to pressure and bending. A horse with 30 days training is still unpredictable and not considered a “seasoned” horse and could very well still be capable of bucking, spooking and picking up bad habits if the rider is not experienced with young horses. The progress of each horse will vary depending on its temperament, maturity and breeding.

 What you can expect from 60 days training:

The second month the horse will continue perfecting the skills learned in the first 30 days. Repetition is the key for the young horse to grasp the solid groundwork necessary to move on to more complex maneuvers in the future. The horse begins riding outside the round pen and focus on whatever discipline intended.

What you can expect from 90 days Training:

The third month of training, again, focuses on reinforcing all the training in the first 60 days. The more riding a young horse gets, the less likely his training will become “undone”. 

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